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ARRL 160-Meter Contest   2017   Dec 1   Claimed Score

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Operator(s): AEØEE
Station: AEØEE

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 13
Location: USA

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Total:QSOs480Sections72Countries2Total Score71,706


Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn

Comments:     [email]     2017-12-04 04:25:41
100 W on an Elecraft K3, dipole up 5-10 m, all keyed with a Vibroplex bug. I was only able to operate Saturday night and Sunday morning, but the band was in excellent condition. Signals were stable, and there was very little static. From my rural operating location, I was able to hear several DX stations (I, F, and PJ2) but was not successful in working them. ZF called me while I was running! The 160 m contest has historically been one of my stronger contests, and this weekend was no exception. While I didn't beat my 2014 score (the first time I ever operated on 160 m) of 91,399 points, I think that had I been on the air Friday night and Saturday morning for an additional 9 hours of operating time that I could have done it. Certainly by rate this was my best year of ARRL 160. Most of the contest I was running, and found it relatively easy to hold a run frequency. There were a few times when things got crowded, but my NVIS antenna and the quiet conditions meant that most stations toward the central US were able to hear me very well. During a 4-hour run Saturday night and a 1-hour run Sunday morning, rates were consistently around 60/hr. I was hoping this would be the year that I managed 160 m worked-all-states in a weekend (or even 24 hours!), but I was unable to find a KH6 to complete the sweep. California stations were hard to come by, and when I found them they were generally from the same few sections. DX worked: XE, ZF Missed sections: NNY, PR, SFL, WCF, EB, LAX, PAC, SB, SJV, NL, NT Comparison with last year: Up: Bug use (100%!), sections, states, countries, QSOs, score Down: Antenna repair time (hooray!), operating time. I hope that the conditions for Stew Perry TBDC will be this good!