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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2013   Nov 23   Claimed Score

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Call: SP7UWL
Operator(s): SP7UWL
Station: SP7UWL

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Lesna
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Eastern Europe

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Total:1355144450Total Score1,647,756


Club: SP DX Club

Comments:     [email]     2013-11-24 14:31:33
Thank you for all the QSO's. I wasn't prepared for the contest due to other plans for the weekend, but fortunatelly I did spend some time in the shack. No antenna for 160m and 2x6 switch, so I used only one radio. Hopefully all will be ready for ARRL in February. Notes: very strong signals from NA and Caribbean on 80m on my inverted V, no single qso with JA on 15m (how did it happen??), first lp qso's to zone 3 on 40m and finally my personal best effort in CQ-WW. Equipment: FT-1000MP + PA GU43b 80m: inverted V 40m: 2 el @ 21m 20m: 3 el. @19m + 3 el. @15m 15m: 4 el. @19m + 3 el. @15m 10m: 5 el. @19m + 3 el. @15m