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Solar Eclipse QSO Party   2017   Aug 21   Claimed Score

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Call: KI4MZC
Operator(s): KI4MZC
Station: KI4MZC

QTH: ga
Operating Time (hrs): 4
Location: USA

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BandCW QsPh QsDig QsGrids
Total:400034Total Score2,720


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-08-21 19:48:38
KX3 to a dipole, N1MM, and battery power. Worked about 4 hrs off and on, with time for luna-solar observations and astro-projections (using various techniques to show the eclipse on the ground, the side of hills, etc.). Set up outside. Great fun. No DX but when I finally got around to working 80 meters (around totality, but I should have gone there earlier) there were a lot of relatively strong sigs, in particular K4BAI, whom I rarely hear even though he's pretty close. He was even very strong on 40. Heard a lot but with qrp it seemed very hard to get a dit in edge-wise. So, I heard more than I could work. Thanks for the QSOs and everybody's participation! Total score does not reflect bonus points, but hay, who cares? We had a great time, anyway, didn't we?