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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2013   Mar 2   Claimed Score

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Call: KØRF
Operator(s): KØRF K7NV WØUA
Station: KØRF

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: USA

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Total:2702458Total Score3,708,426


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2013-03-06 07:50:42
So, Chuck calls Kurt early last week and says, "Come on over and join us for ARRL Phone." And Kurt says, "Hey, I'm just coming home from a 2 week radio trip to KH6." And Chuck says, "So, what's your point?" OK, it didn't go exactly like that--but with only a brief pit-stop at home, Kurt jetted over here for more contest thrills and chills. Afterwards, Chuck says to me, "You know, we may have someone here who loves this even more than we do." Whoda' thunk it? It was a pretty tough deal at the start; no opening QSO-flurry as 15 was locked down tight to Asia and that forced us down-spectrum early. Fortunately, the bands improved--not without a few spiking-K speed bumps--but things were generally on the mend. We were just on the western edge of the Sunday AM EU opening on 10. Chuck piloted the band map and did a frenzied mult-run there--it was a pretty short-lived thing and we were lucky to get what we got. As usual, Chuck not only operated his tail off, but also kept the three of us well-fed and provided for. Chuck is 70 now and I've known him since he was half that age. In terms of his energy, dedication and just plain love of the sport, I'm hard-put to tell any difference over more than 35 years. Truly a remarkable, dynamic character! OK, well, three old guys who'll tell you they prefer CW, thank you, got on Phone anyway and did our best. I think what surprised me most was that I actually ENJOYED it--that was fun! And I think Chuck and Kurt would admit that, too. It's a little tough on the psyche to do our best from a competitive station like Chuck's and see our scores doubled-up from back East. But that's our lot, we enjoy living out here, love the game, and have to (grudgingly) accept the tradeoffs. Of course we want to say thanks to our friends in Asia and around the Pacific Basin for making what we can do from here possible. We actually had a couple of YB-runs! OK Kurt, you can take a break and stay home for a while now--until the next one, that is... For the other 2 OT's, Geo W0UA