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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 4   Claimed Score

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Call: W2RE
Operator(s): W2RE
Station: W2RE

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 45.5
Location: USA
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:2815333Total Score2,810,187


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-06 11:30:52
Remote Operation (W1/Eastport Maine) First major contest event for me since WRTC 2014. The last time I did an effort S/O was 2103 ARRLDX SSB. I'm glad to be back! I operated remotely from the comforts of the RemoteHamRadio office in Pawling, NY to the new station in Maine. It certainly beats driving 525 miles to the station! The Internet connection was perfect and the RX audio was solid. Using the RHR web based software to control the station with the K3/0 combination is an amazing experience. The location of this station could arguably be the best in the USA, it sits on 63ac overlooking the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Ocean in the far NE corner in the USA. You can see VE9 across the bay and on a clear day see Big Ben! Station location with birds eye taken with a Drone: Thanks to Dennis W1UE and Marty KC1CWF for expediting a YCCC SO2R Box and cables for Elecraft K3/0, it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, the ideal SO2R setup is not capable at this station as configured today. The station is operated daily on the RHR network and is complicated to switch over to an SO2R environment and back quickly. To fix this problem we will use some clever switching for CQWW. However, even with its drawbacks restricting some bands on the second radio it still performed better than my expectations. The only regret was not having the ability to push the station to its full potential. I found the low bands to be very poor and really hurt the station performance. I was really looking forward to some 80M and 160M runs from this salt water location that never materialized, so unfortunately not much to report on the low bands. However, It was a slugfest on 20M and 40M and I quickly learned what this station is capable of. The first morning (Saturday) around 0930z I could hear weak Europeans on 20M and decided to try and grab the bottom of the band but K3LR was already on 14.150 calling CQ. So, I found 14153 open and started my run, at 0945z my first station was logged. It was pretty insane from 1000Z until about 1800Z with a few 200+ hours. This phenomenon was also noted on 40M at 1900Z both Sat and Sun. My biggest concern is possibly having many uniques in my log on 20M, I worked a lot of QRP stations that seemed thrilled to be heard. I used the same strategy on Sunday. Station #1 K3 + Expert 1.3K amp. 1100-1300w PEP (3) GXP antennas 16EL + 3EL 40M (Poland) 10M 8/8/8 @ 112/84/56 15M 4/4/4 @ 112/84/56 20M 4/4/4 @ 112/84/56 40M 3el @ 123 Station #2 K3 + Expert 1.3K 1200W GXP antennas 7B-7L 10M 3EL @ 100' 15m 3EL @ 100' 20m 3EL @ 100' 40M 2EL @ 100' 80M 4SQ 160M Inverted L We have big plans for this station. In 2017, we have scheduled to build a 160M array that will be like no other! WE THINK BIG! Special thanks to Lee WW2DX for getting the SO2R setup at the office and Rock WW1X for making remote operation so easy using the RHR web based software. 73, Ray W2RE