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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY   2017   Sep 23   Claimed Score

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Call: OZ7AM
Operator(s): OZ7AM
Station: OZ2ELA

Class: SO(A)AB HP
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:14479425793Total Score1,550,004


Club: Bavarian Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-25 01:46:52
This was my very first WW RTTY as SO. I didn't plan on making a serious effort but it turned out that I had the time after all so here we go. The first day came and went with awful conditions. Not a peep on 10 and 15 was very quiet despite a brief opening to JA and later NA. I think my primary achievement on day one was pleasing the power company with my endless CQing. The second half of the contest was different with the rate picking up in the early afternoon and staying steady for the whole evening. A very nice surprise was the sudden opening on 10 metres that added 28 lovely and much needed multipliers from EU, AF and SA. The band never quite opened to NA although other OZ folks reported working into the East Coast. Had to stop a few hours before the end of the contest because I knew I had to get out of bed very early Monday morning to go to work. 80 was a disappointment due to the SWR on the this particular antenna being very high in the RTTY portion of the band, forcing me to reduce power to a couple of hundred watts. This turned out to be insufficient to work the few Far East stations I could read, but no harm done. I was surprised to learn how little spotting assistance helps. I decided to go 'Assisted' because I thought it to be an advantage, but I didn't use it nearly as much as I expected. The number of spots coming in was surprisingly low be that due to the poor conditions or some other reason. All in all a fun weekend. Thanks to Michael (OZ2ELA) and his wife for having me visit and letting me use the station. My honest guess is that the QTH mattered more than my operating skills looking at the final result. Would I do it again? RTTY is a different game and I have things to learn. SOAB is certainly less tiring than on CW (never mind phone), but I do miss some of the action -- especially the higher rates. That being said I think you'll find me in future WW RTTY contests! 73 -- see you in WW SSB and CW OZ7AM, Alex