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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2017   Jul 15   Claimed Score

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Call: VE3JAR/R
Operator(s): VE3CRU VE3JAR
Station: VE3CRU/R

Class: Rover LP
QTH: FN02/03/04/13/14/EN9
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Location: Canada

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Total:10093Total Score15,717


Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-18 10:36:02
I met Vic VE3JAR a month ago, and looked him up on Discovered that he has a slot of experience as a rover HF and 6 in grids EN48, EN58 and surrounding grids so offered him an opportunity to travel in the VE3CRU Rovermobile using his call. He graciously accepted. Started in grid FN04xa, a farm well used by rovers at 720 fasl. Conditions were poor, calls were not plentiful so we moved ahead of schedule to FN13ax at 280 fasl near the waters' edge of Lake Ontario. Got nothing on 6 and about the same total as before. Next, moved to FN14ba but could not locate in the usual sweet spot due to heavy rains making the last 100 feet very treacherous, chance of getting stuck in the mud. Backed up and drove into a nearby farmers field as the crop had been recently taken off, hay. Conditions on 6 were looking better and Vic was really on a roll, with all but 2 being in the EM grids. 2 was improving with 3 more qso's than in FN13. The excitement was building. Last qso was 0015z. Moved to FN03vx, not the best site but the one closest to home. Made first contact at 0055. Then, without warning, the unexpected happened. Unreal!!! At 0100z approx I heard a ragchew in progress, noting that the loudest had a strong accent. Very puzzled, I had to know where this originated from. Patiently waited but no ID given, so I took the bull by the horns and broke into the qso. Gave my location and both were in shock. I heard their chatter, and both copied me well. The other ham was heard to say "that call is in Canada." My caller could not believe it, kept asking me where I was so I kept repeating my grid, then Cobourg Ontario about 60 miles east of Toronto. Now read this. Rotator bearing: 240 degrees Mode used: SSB Call given: W5CVE Location given: Oklahoma Grid given: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EM14 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Frequency >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 144.225 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Distance: approx 2000 km Using Icom 910H to rear 9 elmts (minus removed trigonal reflector) of a CC 4218xl Boomer at 11 feet above the ground. Mean elevation was about 500 fasl. Feedline was 25' of RG8X not usual RG213. Made 2 more qso's and headed for home. Vic btw pushed so hard for qso's he developed laryngitis having to repeat so many times with weak signals, using my old 756 ProII into a hamstick on the roof. Sunday, off to the very popular Hagersville grid corners at s-e corner of FN03aa etc. WX promised rain later. can run in all grids in a 3 km radius of center, sweet. Arrived in EN93xa at 1300z. 6 was totally dead, but 2 was okay with a lucky 13 qso's. Then went to FN02ax got 7 qso's. Now moving to EN92xx to get another 7 qso's including 2 with VE3ZV in EN92vw including 6, loud! Last move, to FN03aa saw 7 qso's including 2 to VE3ZV again. Barely missed the rain, by 3 km. DX includes K1TEO x 5 east, K8GP x 5 on 2 south, EL87 south,many in EM grids. Thanks to our sponsor CQ, to Steve Bolia and staff supporting the contest, and to all who participated plus those who patiently held on with us till a qso was made. You made our weekend great!!! 73, Bill Burgess VE3CRU and Vic Loewens VE3JAR/R