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Georgia QSO Party   2017   Apr 8   Claimed Score

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Call: NØG
Operator(s): NØAC
Station: NØAC/M

Class: Rover Single OpCW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 13
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW-Dig QsPh Qs
Total:11610CW-Dig Mults42Ph Mults0Total Score97,440


Club: Iowa DX and Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-04-14 16:57:27
There are a lot of thanks that I feel needs to be given. First is to the contest sponsors and organizers especially Jeff, KU8E, for encouraging participation. Second are all the station operators that QSOed with me. Third and most important is my wife, Donna, for being patient and driving. Without her this contest would not have been successful. Last is a safe trip. Equipment From an equipment standpoint things went well. At the start one of the screwdriver antenna controllers would not stay powered up but if I held down the power button I could tune the antenna. Since this ended up being a two band contest I just left that antenna tuned for 40m and the other antenna for 20m the whole contest. The only other issue was the computer not reading the rig but that turned out to be a backed out USB plug. Day 1 We spent too much time at the Pizza Hut so got an 11 minute late start in Dade County. Having never operated this far south and east I figured 20m was going to be the best band but it didn’t seem to produce so I moved to 40m at 1824z. I tried to give time for 20m and 40m from each county. We ran late all day and at 0016z I signed off since it was dark and Donna was getting tired. Day 2 In a previous email conversation with K1RO he mentioned I should try to operate from the same frequency spot on all bands which luckily was 7038 and 14038. I bounced back and forth between 20m and 40m all day with 40m producing the best rate. We stayed on schedule Sunday arriving at Savannah at 2058z and my last QSO. Conditions I thought conditions both days were good but power line noise Sunday seemed worse. I left one county on the table and operated 13 out of the 20 hours available and I didn’t make it to 80m. We drove a total of 3100 miles with 720 of that in the contest. For a description of the mobile station look at my QRZ.COM page. (N0G or N0AC) Signals were great for the most part. The most consistently loud stations were K9CT and DL3DXX. The stations that worked me 15 or more times were: K1RO-49, K9CT-38, K3WJV-30, DL3DXX-24, W4EE-23, W8TM-23, K4BYN-22, KB3LIX-22, W0BH-21, W5TM-21, N2CQ-16, W2DYE-16, N2CU-15, and ND3R-15. Beyond Contesting This trip was not all about me. Donna is an amateur photographer and loves investigating places and things. After the contest I traded my headphones for a tourist hat and spent the rest of our time without the radio. On the way home to Iowa we stopped in Columbus and had coffee and conversation with John, K4BAI. What a treat! Thanks for all the QSOs, Bill, N0AC