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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2013   Nov 23   Claimed Score

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Call: VC2R
Operator(s): N5ZO
Station: VE2CSI

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Sept-Iles, QC
Operating Time (hrs): 46:45
Location: Canada

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Total:5148144428Total Score7,286,136


Club: Southern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2013-11-30 00:02:02
I've been talking with Yuri VE3DZ since 2010 about operating CQWW from zone 2 one day and this year we were finally able to plan it well ahead and so it was go. I got to Sept-Iles on Tuesday before the contest after being only about 10 days home from ZD8 in SSB part. I had hopes for somewhat better score in 6k QSO range, especially since Yuri's great score from same location in SSB portion. But it was not to be. I think I have lived now so long in warm climates since leaving Finland almost 25 years ago that couple of days light wire antenna work outside in quite cold weather did it for me and I was quite tired already at start but it finally really caught up with me on Sunday morning. Things were going quite OK until early morning Sunday local time when I decided to have small nap before sunrise but was only able to sleep 30 mins or so and it was big struggle from then on to stay coherent on radio until about noon when I finally got out of funk. Maybe I too start to be too old for full 48. I was positively surprised of bit higher QSO totals on 160/80 than I expected, and looks like those low band wire antenna adjustments out in cold worked out. 1st snow of the winter came down during the contest and caused some noise especially on 10, and city's snowcleaning machine wiped one or two of my inverted L radials away. I also had some new intermittent problem with my K-3 which started to happen 7 hours into the contest causing power to drop into 20 W range which did not drive my old 3 hole Alpha very much. This problem came and went intermittently from there to the end but I was still able to stay on air, it was just making me bit worried of the equipment. Conditions were great especially on Saturday, Sunday was much lower for me. Zero beat packet/skimmer pile-ups were just impossible to handle at the times, as was continuous sending of callsign without any listening by many stations. For me it feels like CW contest operating is getting more difficult from rare locations, even when I personally feel that I do bit better now on CW since I have 1st time ever had some small antennas in home to get on the air during the year. Anyway, CQWW is always such a blast and I was glad to put zone 2 on air, it was my 20th zone I have operated CQWW now from. Big thanks to Yuri VE3DZ/VE2IM for all coordination prior to the contest and locally to Frank VA2FGG, Andre VA2VVV and whole club in Sept-Iles for allowing me to use their fine club station in this contest. Equipment: K-3 + Alpha 78 7 el Mosley tribander and some 2 el shorty forty well tuned on SSB band both about 60 ft high. Trap dipole for 80 and inverted L on 160, both about 45 ft high. My Classic score is about 3.485M Btw, it was my 1st ever CQWW SOAB from North America ! See you next year from somewhere interesting, some plans are already on the way. 73 de Marko N5ZO