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Pennsylvania QSO Party   2017   Oct 14   Claimed Score

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Call: N3TWM
Operator(s): K3NG KC3EHQ N2GBR N3TWM NK8Q
Station: N3TWM

Class: Multi-Op Port QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 22
Location: In State/Province

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Total:58333500Mults136Total Score435,872


Club: Nittany ARC

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-15 23:14:58
Updated score with proper breakdown. Also added bonus station points (69 bonus station QSO's for 13,800 points). Portable operation from northern Centre County, off the grid at hunting camp near Snow Shoe, PA. We had 4 stations on the air much of the time, 3 KX3 with filters and a K3S. All power was battery or a Honda 2000w generator. Conditions were not great on 20m, but it also wasn't terrible. 15 and 10m also opened a little although there were not many takers. 40m was great except for a short while on Sunday, 80m was rocking, and 160m was one of the best many people have heard for this test in quite some time. Antenna's: Full Size 160m Dipole up 60ft 80m EFHW up 50 ft sloping to 20 ft W5GI Mystery Antenna up 50ft to remote tuner at base Full Size 40m Dipole up 50ft 40/20/10m EFHW up 40 ft sloping to 20 ft Tri-bander fixed west on 30ft portable tower trailer 2 stations were dedicated to CW, one was dedicated to SSB, one floated between as needed. We had a fantastic time! Thanks to all of the Rovers, Mobiles, and Bonus Stations for their hard work. We missed the sweep by only 2 counties. We heard ARM at ESP levels on Sunday, and we can't remember if we heard CRN or not at any point. 80m was better in-state than 40m which is a little unusual. If it weren't for a nice run on 40m CW toward end the contest Sunday, 80m would have ended up with the higher QSO count. 160m was rocking Saturday night, so there should be some good competition for the 160m plaque I sponsor. A lot of serial #1 on 20m, hopefully we talked them into working a few more of you all (we always tried). Our goals were to win Centre county, break the portable multi-op record, and break the long-standing Centre County Multi-op record. We unofficially achieved all three, with the portable multi op record down by the time we finished on day 1! Two of our 5 ops are not seasoned contesters, but its a lot of fun introducing people to the PAQP. I have no idea my plans for next year. Depending on NK8Q and K3NG, we may split up for next year or get together again. If I'm solo perhaps I'll mobile or rover, or find a rare county and go for a single op record. Thanks again all, N3TWM Team