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IARU HF World Championship   2017   Jul 8   Claimed Score

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Call: K7XC
Operator(s): K7XC
Station: K7XC

QTH: N NV - DM09jh
Operating Time (hrs): 6
Location: USA

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BandCW QsPh QsZonesHQ Mults
Total:19102533Total Score40,426


Club: Northern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-09 00:54:05
Got a late start having to do some swamp cooler maintenance before it got hot (100F). Band was disturbed, noisy but usable. Never felt a need to QSY from 20M as it was always productive (Not to mention my best antenna at the moment) After sunset signals over the pole improved and by midnight were sparkling loud vastly improving the Fun Factor. Tnx to 4X0A for his patience pulling me out of the noise! Nice to work so many IARU HQ and Official Stations. Stayed CW only as SSB under marginal conditions is just never any fun! CW RULES! What about the idea of a 3 mode event... CW / SSB / RTTY? 73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09jh... sk