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Texas QSO Party   2017   Sep 23   Claimed Score

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Call: W5CT
Operator(s): K5PI
Station: WK5S

Class: SO CW Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 18
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:163700Mults106Total Score557,566


Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-26 15:07:07
Our TQP spiritual guide, W5MJ, wasn't available this year but he suggested that WK5S, our talented teamster from 2015 might be willing to take me down the road for a single op adventure. Sure enough, Steve had just tricked out his new Chevy Sonic for HF with a Diamond SD330 screwdriver and a trailer hitch for a second antenna. He recommended a Bug Catcher, and that sounded like a great idea. It was nice to have such a simple setup this year -- one radio, one computer, and two antennas. Steve got the Bug Catcher installed and we were ready to go. We went to our usual starting point near Brownwood but in our final countdown testing, we found that the SWR on the Bug Catcher was 3:1 and just wouldn't come into spec no matter what we adjusted. So we hit the road and as a testament to how good that antenna is, I put a heap of 40M Qs in the log with only about 50W. Around noon, we took a quick comfort stop and Steve said he had some things to check. Voila! The matching coil at the bottom wasn't loose but it wasn't quite tight either. We cruised on through the day and except for a couple computer issues, it was smooth sailing. 40M was surprisingly good but 20 seemed underwhelming. Late in the afternoon we hit some rare counties and 40 got even better. 40 was the money band all evening and I finished with 581 Qs on 40 and 391 on 20. I was pretty happy with 93 mults. We were about an hour from our hotel, but that turned into about an hour and a half when a construction detour and a mixmaster in Lewisville tried to outsmart all our guidance systems. Sunday came off without a hitch as Steve again kept us right on schedule with his paper map and customized turn-by-turn instructions. I kept an eye on Microsoft Streets and Trips, but I hardly needed to. Both 20 and 40 really sagged in the middle of the day but our planned stop on the HEND/KAUF county line made it possible to pull through some very weak callers. After an hour or so, conditions came right back up and both 20 and 40 were very good. Steve kept the pedal to the metal and we made it to the LAMP/CORY line for a rollicking seven minute finish on 20. Thanks to all the FB ops who tracked us on APRS, or just kept checking our home frequencies. Special thanks to the nice crowds from KS, OK, and Gillespie County. And a huge thanks to Steve WK5S for his engineering skills and for grinding out the miles behind the wheel. It was fun nipping at N5NA heels -- it might come down now to who's the better typist! :-) See you in the next one! Robert K5PI