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ARRL September VHF Contest   2017   Sep 9   Claimed Score

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Call: KM4KMU
Operator(s): KM4KMU
Station: KM4KMU

Class: SO FM LP
Operating Time (hrs): 27

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Total:13739Total Score7,410


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-11 17:16:16
Less activity on FM than last year. Strange conditions, 446 and 223.5 were outstanding with as good or better propagation and much lower noise than 2m despite the 2m having equal or better VSWR, power, line losses and impedance match. 223.5 was by far the best band going. I just wish more people had it. With the new 5 element 6m beam the 6m band was no slouch. Many of the 6m contacts were with horizontally polarized stations tuned for SSB freqs who ran 5 watts to minimize their reflected power at 52.525 MHz. Racking my beams over to 45 degrees really paid off when working those SSB HPol stations who moved over to FM. N3GOV went the extra mile again this year, 3 bands from the QTH and then two bands from two grid squares after going mobile. Thanks to AA3TQ (FM29) and N3NGE(FN20) for a couple of distant (for FM) grids. AA4ZZ was impossible to reach on Saturday in EM96 but on Sunday we easily worked the 3 high bands. Later on Sunday after working a sched with WB3CEH 165 miles away over several co-altitude ridge lines with his omni on 2m & 50W he shocked me when he can back twice a strong several hours later using the same dual band omni with half the power on 70cm. Like I said the band conditions were very very weird, especially on Saturday were strong station simply disappeared mid exchange like someone threw a switch only to reappear equally strong several seconds or hours later. This was especially prevalent on 2m. One highlight of the contest was to run two bands with K2EZ/R when she drove down to FM19. Andrea's perseverance logging miles and activating grids is legendary. When I heard her trying to help out an FM station determine his grid (many don't know) and walk him through the exchange (painful and time consuming) I knew I had to give her a call. I got both of my FM19 multi's with her. Thank you. I got to talk to a number of evacuees and recovery personnel heading out of or into Florida along I-81. Both inspirational and sad. Love FM where you have time for a little rag chewing before calling CQ again. It was a great weekend to be in Va on a 4,500' bald knob with a radio. Both the claimed score and the claimed multi's are in FM record territory, I hope they hold up. 73 John KM4KMU