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Microwave Spring Sprint   2017   May 6   Claimed Score

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Call: K1RZ
Operator(s): K1RZ
Station: K1RZ

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: FM19jh
Operating Time (hrs): 6
Location: USA

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Total:QSOs46Max Dist(km)531Total Score12,350


Club: Mt Airy VHF Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-09 15:06:56
The 2017 Microwave Central States VHF Society Spring Sprint activity conditions seemed fair, but certainly not good in central Maryland. There were a lot of stations on which is good, but many who I worked on 432 and 222 could not be worked on the Microwaves. The day before it had been quite rainy and while those rain conditions supported some 10 GHz Rain Scatter on Friday, there was no indication that remnant rain was scattering any signals on the Saturday of the sprint. Back to microwave sprint though, I like the 6 hour time frame, as it gave a extra bit of time to try a more few seconds or minutes longer, waiting for a peak. Sometimes the peak brought a station up to and out of the noise, and sometimes it didn't. Also in our region N2RJ/R (with K2EZ) were on and workable for me in two grids. We fixed stations provided a few pileups for N2RJ/R. Glad you were out there ladies! My best DX to the north was VE3FHM at 531 km's in FN03bp on 1296 with VA3ELE right behind at 513 km's in FN03dm on both 902 and 1296. Connecticut was well represented with K1PXE (1296), K1TEO (902, 1296 and 2304) and WZ1V (1296), each at over 400km's. Ohio was in here also with K8ZR in EN91iq (1296 - 435 km's) and K8RYU (1296 and 2304 at 366 km's). To the south it was K1ISR in FM06rb at 380 km's on 1296 SSB. Plus many others, each with a story, which made for a nice time. Thanks to the CSVHFS for sponsoring these activites, bringing us all together for these sprints, and letting us find out what is still needed for the June Contest. See you all again soon. 73 Dave K1RZ FM19jh.