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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 25   Claimed Score

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Call: NDØC
Operator(s): NDØC
Station: NDØC

Operating Time (hrs): 28
Location: USA

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Total:430Prefixes273Total Score232,869


Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-26 19:33:03
This was another slog, but not quite as brutal as the ARRL DX SSB Contest three weeks ago. Conditions seemed better and there was even a brief opening (for just a few minutes from here) into eastern EU on 15 meters! And I was able to hear and work a few JAs! On the other hand I never heard a single signal on 10 meters for the whole weekend, at least during the times I checked it. 15 meters felt like 10 meters. 20 seemed much better to EU on Sunday than on Saturday. Due to church and family commitments I had to miss about three prime hours on Sunday morning, so don't know how good it really got. The typical big guns in EU were loud, but with no propagation to EU on 15 to speak of, the pile-ups and QRM were pretty nasty. 40 meters was OK for me here (by my QRP black-hole standards with just a dipole) and yielded quite a few mults. I was able to work into EU and AF as well as snagging a VK on 40, so that was nice. The band seemed quieter on the second night. I like to check the number of total countries worked in DX contests and in the past have worked over 100 in a weekend on QRP. This one was pretty disappointing with a total of 64 DXCC entities. Only 10% of my QSOs were with EU which hurts the mults and points. Another indicator of the challenge this year is the average number of QSOs per hour. This was very low relative to past years for the WPX. It was just very tough going - nothing was easy. I still like the format of this contest and despite the slow going, I had fun. As always I appreciate the very patient operators battling to pull my signal out of the noise and QRM. A couple of the most common things I heard during the contest: "You're right at my noise level" and "please repeat the number several times". Ah, the fun of contesting with QRP! 73, Randy, ND0C Station: Yaesu FTDX3000 running 5 watts out Cycle 24 TX38 triband Yagi at 40 feet; Cushcraft rotatable 40m dipole at 42 feet; inverted vee with apex at 38 feet.