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50 MHz Fall Sprint   2017   Aug 26   Claimed Score

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Call: N2RJ/R
Operator(s): K2EZ N2RJ
Station: N2RJ/R

Class: Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs): 4
Location: USA

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Total:QSOs33Mults26Total Score858


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-08-27 00:20:04
Andrea and I decided to team up for this sprint once again. This time I brought along my trusty Flex-6700. It worked out well for the most part. I'll explain that later. I would have loved to say that a mega opening out West helped us power through and pick up tons of grids, but that was definitely not the case So at post contest dinner, Andrea and I discussed the two types of VHF contests that happen on 6m - those that behave like HF contests with lots of E-skip, and those that behave like VHF contests, where you struggle to work with the locals. This was definitely the latter. No worries, really, as this helps us as a rover to work the locals from several grids, which we pretty much did. In the beginning we ping ponged between FN20 and FN21, picking up a few locals, then later drove through FN20 (making contacts enroute) to FN30 and FN31, then back t FN21. I must say that like the microwave sprint, we had some surprises, such as going a bit lower in the valley on the way to FN31 netted us better signals from stations in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Anyway, the Flex worked very well for the contest. Having a waterfall was very nice. However I had a short on the power cables for the network switch which caused the cable to burn and smoke up the vehicle. Thankfully this happened AFTER the contest. We hurriedly disconnected things and rolled down the windows to let the smoke out. No damage to the Flex or other gear. I tried to use the Maestro initially but instead just went back to a laptop which provided a more focused interface. I think the Maestro stays home next time. The laptop power supply also generated a horrendous amount of RF hash which likely caused us to miss contacts. We had to resort to disconnecting it to receive and while we had no signals on the waterfall just left it in to charge. This is an old MacBook which I need to replace anyway, so the battery is pretty much dead and doesn't hold much charge. So we were between a rock and a hard place with that one. Anyway we had fun, and I think we put up a decent score. Thanks to all who we called and who called us! 88 Andrea and Ria