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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2018   Mar 3   Claimed Score

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Call: K2AX
Station: K2AX

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 36:22
Location: USA

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Total:1660343Total Score1,684,473


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-03-05 04:31:11
This was a much different experience than the previous three DX contests this season. To begin with, Mother Nature reminded those of us on the east coast who’s the boss. A nor’easter storm brought high winds, rain, and several inches of snow on Friday. This knocked out power for many stations; some may not have been able to get on at all. On my way to K2AX on Friday afternoon, Mark called to say I shouldn’t rush because the power was out in the shack. By the time I arrived, luckily it was back on and we were up for the rest of the contest. We suffered a couple of key crew losses due to unavoidable personal commitments and illness so we had to be flexible and make up the schedule on the fly to maximize our efforts. Propagation was as poor as I’ve think I’ve seen in a big contest. I really wasn’t expecting anything out of 10m but we got a small window late on Sunday afternoon and put a few mults in the log. What really surprised me was the lack of activity on 160m. Since we had managed about 4.2m in the CW contest two weeks earlier, I was hoping to do half that or maybe a little more for SSB. Dream on. However, from what I’ve heard, our score may be on par with similar efforts or some of the SOAB HP stations. Thanks once again to Mark, Donna, and their family for their patience and hospitality. Donna is great. She turns on the gear and the heat before we arrive. She keeps the the fire wood bin filled while we're there. And she cleans up after we leave. Mark also jumped in the chair for 4 hours on Sunday and produced a good run on 20m to help fill in a critical gap in the schedule. Thanks also to K3FT for coordinating the whole effort ahead of time and pulling a crew together for our final push of the season. Go FRC!