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Georgia QSO Party   2017   Apr 8   Claimed Score

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Call: N4N
Operator(s): W5JR WK4U
Station: W5JR

Class: Rover Multi-OpMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW-Dig QsPh Qs
Total:1350105CW-Dig Mults47Ph Mults24Total Score199,155


Club: North Fulton Amateur Radio League

Comments:     [email]     2017-04-11 11:05:36
Wow, another GQP in the bag. Great weather this year. Great outing with the crew. Putting a multi-station, 57 county rover-in-motion effort on the air is not for the faint of heart. The last two year's outings didn't have any hardware failures. This year, not so lucky. One of the (previously working fine) logging computers decided it didn't want to play nice with the radio and logger software just before the Saturday start. Decided to remove / re-install related software, while the other station dove in. Sunday morning, one of the station power supplies chose to not work, despite being used all day Saturday. A 45 minute start delay while station power is reconfigured versus dropping down to 1 station. Later in the day, that station went to 80m and RFI crashed the mobile LAN. Usually not an issue for most rovers, but we use Flex 6000 series radios. Laptop to radio connection is through the router (doesn't have to be and future outings won't be), so both stations impacted. Rewired laptop to radio for station operating on 75/80m, removing the networking of the laptops. Another hour delay playing MacGuyver on the side of the road. The Sunday county route was already aggressive, so no surprise we didn't get to the last 9 counties. Despite GA having 159 counties, many take more than 30 minutes to drive across, shredding the need to spend only 18 minutes or less per county. The route is solid, but no margin for error, hi hi. A wonderful integration this year was the ability to self spot directly from the logger as we changed counties. Even though last year had the use of 4G access via the router, this year we were able to exploit this capability and not rely on stations we worked to spot us or the driver pulling over and spot us. This also allowed us to keep tabs on GA spots to look for possible 15m openings. We tried several times on 15, but zilch. We also monitored 50.135 (plus 50.125) and called CQ numerous times on the permanently installed IC-7000. We've never heard a peep on 6m over the last 3 years. Seems like there were fewer stations participating this year. Missed hearing several regulars. A hearty "THANK YOU" goes out to stations K1RO (65, 53/12 mixed), DL3DXX (48 CW), K9CT (39 CW) and W8TM (31 CW) for providing huge numbers of Q's. Didn't have anyone "Clean Sweep" us this year, but RO and DXX came close. Tim and I missed having Max, N5ZZ, join us this year. However, Mark, KK4VQJ did an excellent job of chauffeuring us around on the ~1000 mile journey. And enjoyed handing out the "N" to spell out N-F-A-R-L in recognition of NFARL's 40th anniversary this year. Yes, we are already planning for next year. GQP roving is in our blood. Sitting in moving, cramped quarters for 10 hours each day with a desk on your lap, trying to type callsigns correctly into a computer or sending CW with the paddles while the vehicle jostles, is so much fun. If the bands were better, maybe we could expand to 3 stations? I need a bigger truck! 73 For N4N, 2017 GQP Rover Tim, WK4U, 40 & 75/80, Mike W5JR, 20 & 40, Mark, KK4VQJ, driver. Flex 6500 Flex 6300 Pair of Flex Control knobs Pair of Dunstar 600 bandpass filters Pair of USB-8 band decoders for filters Hi-Q 580-RT (40 & 75/80) Little Tarheel (15, 20 & 40) Pair of laptops Pair of Begali paddles Pair of 12v power supplies (one died, didn't take a spare) Pair of UPS's Honda EU200i generator 4G enabled router Garmin LMT-50 with route for driver Ematic Windows 10 tablet running MS Streets & Trips w/route for Ops Bluetooth enabled GPS for tablet 1 Well traveled, 2002 GMC Yukon, with 4 non-Flex radios installed for daily use Requisite Costco animal cookies - QSO fuel