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ARRL DX Contest, CW   2018   Feb 17   Claimed Score

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Call: K3WJV
Operator(s): K3WJV
Station: K3WJV

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 32
Location: USA

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Total:1350323Total Score1,308,150


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-19 01:22:18
In all my years of contesting I have never had a catastrophe until now. There is a problem with tin plated connectors in early K3 xcvrs that I was not aware of or I probably would have corrected that during my many upgrades. The serial #'s from about 3000 on are OK and I was lucky? to have serial #2995. I started getting some brief 12volt errors Friday night but it got real bad Saturday morning. I killed 3.5 hours trying to swap my 2nd rig to my Acom and wound up changing everything back when I couldn't get the rig to key cw. It was sorta OK if I didn't xmit for long periods but when it did fail I wound up losing a few contacts after not being able to send my report and one of those was a EU mult on 160, hi. Eventually it stayed in error status and I was forced to swap coaxes for certain band changes and also had to resort to manual loading my Alpha instead of having my auto tuning Acom hooked up to the 2nd radio. I wound up with a decent score I guess but had visions of a much better result. Oh well. Other than the hardships I endured I still had a lot of fun for most of the contest. Did I mention I hate loading amplifiers during contests? I am truly spoiled by the Acom and I have a KPA1500 ordered to replace the Alpha. It sure would have been nice to have it for this fiasco. Rural wooded location 1255ft ASL FT1000MP & Alpha 89 K3/P3 & Acom 2000A 2el K4KIO 5 band Hexbeam @30ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron Inv vees for 40m-80m-trapped 160 @ 55ft Palstar HF-AUTO WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2 SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs (not full blown so2r yet - need 2nd beam) N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger