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CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest   2016   Feb 13   Claimed Score

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Call: WX7M
Operator(s): K7XC
Station: K7XC

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: DM09jh
Operating Time (hrs): 8
Location: USA

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Total:343Prefixes228Total Score162,792


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2016-02-15 09:21:48
Thanks to Patrick WX7M for permission to use his callsign for the event and making the WX7 prefix available as a multiplier. Finally found my source of pin #1 noise as a broken shield on one of the audio cables between the K3 and the PC. Operating W/O all that grunge in the decoder made the contest a pure joy to participate in. The run into Asia on 15M during final hours of the contest was great fun! Several stations from BY showed up as well! Wish I would have had more time to paticipate as the station was playing well on all bands.