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ARRL DX Contest, CW   2018   Feb 17   Claimed Score

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Call: W1OO
Operator(s): K1ESE W1HIS
Station: K1ESE

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Maine
Operating Time (hrs): 37
Location: USA
Remote operation

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Total:1657341Total Score1,694,088


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-19 20:37:18
Again K1ESE and W1HIS hit the airwaves flying the YCCC banner. This time with far fewer dits, we were W1OO thanks to K1JB and K1EU for the callsign loan. Again, we operated the K1ESE station with K1ESE in front of the radio and W1HIS cozy at home operating remotely. We used two wires for antennas, a 260' doublet and a 66' doublet. Since they are tied to trees, no antenna rotor problems at all :-) The K3 in Maine was connected by Remote Rig boxes to the K3/0-Mini in Mass. The amp was an Expert 1.3k at 1KW and a HF-Auto tuner matched the antennas. The equipment was flawless until RFI from 10 meters got into the RR box next to the amp. Lowering power helped. At least no one spent much time on 10 meters. We ran more than we usually do. Started the contest running on 40m for the first two hours at a rate of about 60/hour. Might have done better with S&P. Had a couple of good runs and one great one on 20m late Sunday morning. Decided I would run until N1MM+ showed more than 3 minutes since the last QSO. The run lasted almost 3 hours with a rate of 70/hour. We were ahead of K1KP on the online scoreboard until Sunday when they finally started chasing mults and breezed by us. It was hard to find fresh meat after noon on Sunday and we limped home. There were times it was a blast. There were times it was boring. Given the antennas we are happy with the results and will remember the fun parts. K1ESE John and W1HIS Chuck