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ARRL 10-Meter Contest   2002   Dec 14   Claimed Score

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Call: N1RR
Operator(s): N1LH N1RR N2PGD WM1K
Station: N1RR

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 32
Location: USA

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Total:2069284Total Score1,700,000


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2002-12-16 08:35:52
Another homebrew 1 x 8877 was tested this weekend. It worked well after the T/R relays were diagnosed hanging for 16 seconds after a transmission, which was the actual cause of Station #3 not hearing well. Repair was successful. Have to spend more time improving the tank circuit. Output was only 500-700watts. Was fortunate to have worked on this station, because we lost "W-Mike's" 940 on Station#2....... Lost control of 7L10 @ 104ft late Sunday morning. It was bound to happen. This impacted our effort with it stuck at 200 degrees. Couldn't run West coast or JA with it for last 8 hours. Did use 6L10 @ 35ft. the last 8 hours. ...........You can never have too many antennas......... This allowed us to determine the RFI cause into Station#2's computer when 6L10 @ 35ft was pointed at the shack.(135ft away!)