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CQ WPX RTTY Contest   2018   Feb 10   Claimed Score

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Call: KU2M
Operator(s): KU2M
Station: KU2M

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Wayne, NJ
Operating Time (hrs): 18.0
Location: USA

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Total:836Prefixes499Total Score1,492,010


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-12 16:35:54
Every year the number of people taking part in the RTTY tests seems to increase - this year I was simply amazed by the degree of activity - it was RTTY insanity! 40M at night was a madhouse with signals from 7030 all the way to 7100, save for a few kHz avoided for the FT8 and other digital modes crowd. In the morning, 20M followed suit, with wall-to-wall RTTY up to 14150 and spilling over into the phone band above 14150. Same thing on 80M - at night the band was jammed to 3600, with a few DX participants (illegally?) running amuck above 3600. Trying to run with low power is a challenge. In the midst of many huge signals, trying to establish a presence using only 100 watts can give one an (even worse) inferiority complex, and there was a time or two that I had to rebuke the evil genie on my left shoulder who kept telling me how easy it would be to reach over and turn up the power knob on my FT-5000 to 200 watts (hey, 3 dB is 3 dB), and how no one would know the difference - except me, of course, and that's why, once set at 100w, that knob wasn't touched. Instead, the knob you turn is the VFO - all you can do is find another frequency to run, until you get chased away again! Even though I was not able to take part in the contest with a full time effort, I had fun, doing it here and there in between domestic obligations, and managed to get in about 18 hours of the max allowed 30 hours, missing a lot of morning prime time on 20M. Thanks to all who heard my 100 watts (not everyone did!), and I hope to see everyone again next year!