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Michigan QSO Party   2017   Apr 15   Claimed Score

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Call: KA8O
Operator(s): K8ED K8GT K8PGJ N8LJ WE8P WF5X
Station: K8PGJ

Class: M/M LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:362521CW Mults78Ph Mults91Total Score209,560


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-04-20 09:36:04
This was the 6th Multi/Multi Operation for the group which includes 4 wins as the W8OAK EOC Team and the 2015 win as KA8O in the MIQP Contest. KA8O was run from the home QTH of Pete, K8PGJ, sitting on 0.75 suburban acres in the City of Troy located in Oakland County, Michigan. Seasoned Operators were K8ED Mark, K8GT Gerry, N8LJ Lee, WE8P Fred, WF5X Randy and K8PGJ Pete. Propagation seemed very long at the start of the event and shortened only slightly thru the night but the bands were very quiet for noise registering S3-5 on 40-15 meters. 80 Meters opened early with increasing noise thru the end of the contest. Michigan stations and even those of the surrounding states and Ontario, which was holding its own Contest, seemed very difficult to find and work. We were surprised at the lack of stations on 20M that could be worked and that out 80M contacts almost caught our 20M contacts. Most of the antennas were put up portable style just before the event due to HOA Considerations. Improvements in antenna locations and type helped for the Contest. Antennas included: 80M Dipole E/W, 40M Dipole N/S, 40M Inverted V N/S, 20M had 2 Element Beams for each the SSB and CW station plus a N/S Dipole and 15M had a 2 Element Beam. Effectively, the Dipoles were all Nevis Antennas. Radio Upgrades and dual filters contributed to the minimized Intermod. This 5 Station operation utilized 3 K3’s, a Kenwood 590S and an Icom 7600 for Radios. 100 Watts was used for all the contacts. We were able to work 53 of 83 Counties, 48 of 50 States (missed ND and they were holding a contest), and we worked a few Europeans, South Americans and Caribbeans. The Operation was 40% CW. Thanks to all who came out to Contest during this Easter Weekend event.