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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2012   Mar 24   Claimed Score

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Call: EA5ON
Operator(s): EA5ON
Station: EA5ON

Class: SOSB15 HP
QTH: Valencia
Operating Time (hrs): 4
Location: Southern Europe

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Total:300Prefixes220Total Score92,400


Club: Torrent Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2012-03-25 11:04:10
After a lot of chiding from Dave EC5KXA/HK1A, I finally decided to see about operating a contest from the seaside using a vertically polarised beam. One of the reasons I actually got off my backside and did it was because Victor EA5KV had a 2 element monoband quad for 15 in his garage and suggested I use it :)). As usual it was a last minute Heath-Robinson affair, held together with insulating tape and leaning dangerously to one side. The way it was set up, I had no reference antenna to compare it with, nor a rotator, nor a compass to know which was I was beaming (I knew +/-, not very scientific). At first nobody at all could hear me, I attribute that to having the amplifier switch on 20 instead of 15. Ahem. Once that was fixed I settled into a nice rythmn, alternating s+p with running. Not much in the way of DX but did get a few JAs, lots of asiatic russians, a KL7, and a few africans and north and south americans. My laptop converter blew up so after logging 200 stations and the laptop battery giving up, I switched over to good old paper and pen, so the score is approximate only. At 300 QSOs /3.5 hours I had to pull the plug. Thanks for the QSOs, thanks to Dave for egging me on (next time will be bigger and better), and to Vic for lending me "La Rana". (La Rana (the frog) is so called because every time it leaves home, the heavens open. Today seems like the first day that hasn't happened!) 73 de Duncan EA5ON