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European HF Championship   2017   Aug 5   Claimed Score

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Call: ES7GM
Operator(s): ES7GM
Station: ES7GM

Class: SO Mixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Location: Northern Europe
Radios: SO2R  

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BandCW QsPh QsMults
Total:770552318Total Score420,078


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-08-08 04:54:18
After a lot of preparing, constant station testing and all the tiny work that was done during the "off season" my station was ready to go. Start was really satisfying. Decided to start on 20m SSB and 1st hour rate was ~180ish. I was well ahead of the cqcontest claimed results and then somewhere around 2nd hour I lost my tribander that was fixed south. I got infinite SWR on all bands. That literally felt like losing a leg or something. Took a little break to bring some water and see what happened with the antenna. Thoughts of quitting went through my head but I decided to see what will happen, and carried on. Aaaaaand somewhere at the end of the contest I lost my 160 antenna too. Despite everything, this contest is always lots of fun!