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ARRL June VHF Contest   2017   Jun 10   Claimed Score

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Call: K3YDX
Operator(s): K3YDX
Station: K3YDX

Class: SO 3Band LP
QTH: Avon, NC FM25
Operating Time (hrs): 7:55

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Total:13879Total Score10,981


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-06-11 19:47:19
Somewhat sad to not be able to count this score for PVRC but out of the vhf circle is out of the vhf circle. Saturday started quite slowly and wasn't certain conditions were going to pick up- Boy they sure did! Six meters kept me in the chair except for some breaks on Sunday. It seemed to me I had spot propagation to small local areas accompanied by a good bit of QSB. Frustrating to hear a new one but by the time they finished up a Q their signal was down to me. I heard a number of the callsigns I know from my previous existence in FM19 sent by stations they worked but I could not hear any of them on 6 meters. Being in the Outer Banks is a bit tough inasmuch as the guys in populated areas generally don't point antennas to the SE for this area sincew there isn't much of a contest population. One exception was W3BFC who I heard well while he announced he was beaming down the coast. Unfortunately he never heard me. Equipment here was Ic-7000 to a 6 meter dipole @ 30 feet and an interlaced 5 el 2 meter and 7 el. 432 beam at about 35 feet strapped to a balcony railing. Thanks for the Q's 73 Hank Hanburger K3YDX