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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2017   Nov 18   Claimed Score

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Call: K8BKM
Operator(s): K8BKM
Station: K8BKM

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 10:24

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Total:573Sections80Total Score91,680


Club: Mad River Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-11-19 19:05:44
After an all out effort on CW I just wanted to "play" on the phone contest and help out our club score. Operated Saturday night for about 2.5 hours and then Sunday afternoon and evening for another 8 hours. Missed PR, WY, and NT. Decided to try operating in a new category - have traditionally operated Unlimited low power but decided to run Single Op High Power. However, I used the wrong precedence and sent "A" in my exchange. I submitted my log under the proper category (SOHP) and my log will be okay when checked against others. My new (used) Alpha 78 did a great job. Band changes are really easy using the "bandpass mode". I didn't drive the amp very hard. Observations - finding and keeping a run frequency on 20M is really hard. Here in the middle of the country there are often stations we can't hear so it sounds like a frequency is clear when it's really not. You don't realize it until someone answers a different station that you can't hear a little off your frequency. I think the rule is to get to the band early before the masses arrive and get yourself established. That worked for me when I went to 40M rather early in the afternoon Sunday. I was fresh meat so that helped, but I established a great run for well over 2 hours before the masses moved down from 20M. - it's true that the mults will come to you if you are successful running. The only multiplier I actually went looking for (scanning the band, not the spots) was AK. Funny because I worked two AK in a 10 minute period. All the other multipliers I got called me. A corollary to this is "don't leave a good run for a multiplier". However, I'm sure I missed NT and WY because I was running on 40 when I should / could have been running on 20. But, I found it hard to run on 20. Hmmmm. - There are lots of little tricks to improving your run rate. Most are known and published in handbooks but it's fun to experiment. I shortened my exchange by giving my callsign without phonetics. I realized that they already have my call - I usually send it phonetically in my CQ, so no sense repeating it phonetically during the exchange. Also, I insist on giving my call after EVERY Q when running, but again if I'm busy, I don't send it phonetically. I also found that I can speak fairly quickly. Most have my exchange from listening to the previous QSO so all they really need is the serial number. These observations apply to when I have a really good rate going. - I spoke every word for the entire operating period. I don't use a DVR or .wav files. I could have, and perhaps I should, but there are so many who do it BADLY. How many times did you hear CQ in one voice, call them, and have someone completely different sounding return your call - different person? different audio level, fresh versus tired, etc. Also, I don't like it when you get the serial number "in person" and the rest of the exchange after a slight or LONG delay that is recorded, again, with apparently someone else's voice. The best use of audio "technology" was the station that used a text to speech synthesizer that sent the entire exchange that sounded pretty darn good. It said everything phonetically and well articulated. No human involved, except to press the right key. If you have programmed .wav files, how can you introduce the little nuances in the cadence, rate, or content to improve things? Seems like it locks you in. I'm not a phone guy, so I probably won't go to the effort of recording .wav files. - new operators and/or new contesters could really benefit from learning how to adjust their exchange, and how to respond to requests for fills. Some repeat the whole thing when I just asked for one part. Others repeat the thing I asked for but only ONCE, right when the QSB kills them. Please people, if I ask for a fill and conditions are marginal, repeat only what I ask for and repeat it a few times. I ended up telling people this saying "please repeat your serial number three times" or some such lengthy instruction. I think it's better to ask for fills one item at a time, unless you got NOTHING, in which case you can say "all again" or "I got nothing, please repeat". This is nit-picking but by the end of a contest it becomes annoying. I'm certainly not an expert. I've only operated SS (phone and CW) three years and I'm amazed how I keep learning new very important things and how each year is different. Thanks for the Q's! 73, Tom K8BKM