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CQ WPX RTTY Contest   2018   Feb 10   Claimed Score

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Operator(s): ABØLR
Station: ABØLR

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Colorado
Operating Time (hrs): 28
Location: USA

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Total:1545Prefixes584Total Score2,003,120


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-12 13:27:31
SO2R should be in a class of it's OWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People (Ham OPERATORS) are losing interest because one guy using 2,3, 8 and many radio that are network together and calling it "SO2R". Put those people in their own class so the contest want die out due to people lying about how many radios they are using . Just the other day I read about a operator who uses so3r. Take a look at this station (ac0c) and tell me he is only using SO2R and I will buy you a glass of milk. The operator who use only one rig could never compete with SO2R. That like a race between a one legged man against a 3 legged man. Who do you think will win? Therefore, people (HAMs) are giving up on contesting or not putting enough effort ie 1 HOUR or 2 then say why am I doing this and know I don't stand a chance in hell against ROW of radios and one operator. Why am I the only one can see this? !!!!!!!!!!