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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 25   Claimed Score

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Call: K4MM
Operator(s): K4MM W4IX
Station: K4MM

Class: M/S LP
Operating Time (hrs): 39
Location: USA

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Total:1121Prefixes568Total Score1,517,696


Club: Florida Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-26 20:03:21
FT-950 @ 100 Watts A4S @ 40ft. 40M Sloper at 30ft. 80/160 Inv. L 30FT Vert 100FT Horiz. Decided to do a low key Multi Single with my dad. Condx. were not that great due to high A and K indexes going into the contest, but picked up nicely on Sunday. Discovered an intermittent problem with the tribander which made 15 meters useless. (used the Inv. L and tuner). 20 and 10 had minimal effects but I didi notice that on Saturday it had a higher SWR than usual and required a tuner to get the SWR to an acceptable level...well it sure created alot of CQ's in our faces and repeats, I climbed the tower on Saturday and shook the driven element and checked the feed point connections to no avail..I did notice the 20M SWR got better on Sunday and was able to get most stations on the first call and very few repeats. 10M - Found 10 open around 1530Z on Sat. and worked a handful of SA and Caribbean stations. Sigs were generally weak and did not spend alot of time there. 15M - Had a high SWR issue with the antenna and used the Inv. L to work a handful of SA/NA on Saturday, found a loud LZ5R when I checked the band on Sunday morning and managed to work a handful of Europeans. 20M - Band was open before sunrise and few hours after sunset. Very crowded with big gun stations across the entire band made it difficult to hear and work other low power stations. Managed a few JA's and UA0's but no other Asians heard. Even the Western Asians were not heard, A4,A6,A7,HZ,4L,4X,A9 were all esp. 40M - Worked as many DX spots as we could with our 100W and Sloper. Did manage to work JH4UYB.... 80M - Friday night was very noisy and did not spend alot of time there. The few Europeans that did make it through the noise CQ'd in my face...Saturday was a different story. At 0230Z found a loud 9A7V and he heard me! Managed to work a few more Europeans up to 0530Z. Did get KH6 and KL7, no Asians. 160M - Of course this band is not very productive in this contest, but since we were doing a semi serious effort, I checked the band out at 0505Z on Sat/Sun and found a loud (any European SSB station we hear in FL is considered loud) DL5RBW calling CQ Contest and worked him on the first call, no repeat!!!WOW. also worked II9P and OT5A over the next 20 min. This contest was 90% S&P and 10% run. The few runs I tried only yielded a few DX QSO,s but a nice number of USA Prefixes were worked...I think this will be my last low power SSB Contest...Will need to repair the A4S for my dad before the next Contest Season. 73's to all and thanks for all the contacts. John & Tom