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ARRL 10-Meter Contest   2011   Dec 10   Claimed Score

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Operator(s): WBØTEV
Station: WBØTEV

Class: SO SSB HP
QTH: North Texas
Operating Time (hrs): 21.5
Location: USA

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Total:904115Total Score207,920


Club: North Texas Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2011-12-16 10:38:04
Since operating assisted (my typical contest modus operandi) would not only have forced me in the multi-op category (which doesn't seem unreasonable), but also would have put me into mixed mode, whereas I wanted to be a phone only entry, I opted for high power unassisted. I 2nd the motion of others who would like to see the creation of single-op assisted categories for SSB only and CW only in this contest. What a ride and what contrast with last year! A real joy to work all continents on a single band and make it look easy, because it was! Had I played hookey from church and thus not missed 3 hours of prime time Sunday AM the score would have been even higher. From here in North Texas single hop propogation favors an arc that sweeps from the Pacific NW across upper central Canada and then into New England. Being centrally located we get good openings to Europe in the morning and a 2-3 hour long window to JA in the afternoon starting with their sunrise around 2200Z. As was pointed out by K7ZO in his pre-contest writeup on the ARRL website, historically one of the best places in the continental US for the 10m contest is South Texas, so North Texas is still a pretty great place to be. Not surprisingly the most common mults worked were WA (109), CA (105), OR (63), NY (42), MA (34). 20% of all my QSOs came from the 7th call district. Most worked DX (excluding 49 VEs of various flavors) was JA (47), PY(21),EA(21) F(20), LU(20) and DL (15). Eu totals would have been higher absent the 1500-1800Z QRT I took Sunday. In every contest I learn a little bit more of how to use N1MM logger. This time I managed to get .wav files working so I could just hit F1 and have a canned CQ go out, thus saving my voice a little. Did come across one bug though. When I worked NP2N it refused to associate it with KP2 (although WP2Z & KP2A had worked fine earlier ) and wouldn't let me plug in a serial number for an exchange. (I saw a similar comment elsewhere). Ended up punching it in as KP2N so it would accept a serial number and then editing it after the fact to change the callsign back to NP2N. Fortunately I already had a couple KP2's in the log at that point so I already had the mult. Somebody probably just forgot to associate NP2 with USVI along with KP2 and WP2. Split my time between CQing and S&P. Best run hour was 1814-1913 Z Saturday at 125/hr. Not like the "big guns" but gratifying nonetheless. In the K/VE multiplier department I missed Nebraska, District of Columbia, Alabama, Arizona(?!), Labrador, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Nunavut and the Yukon. Didn't work a single XE. Some highlights: Got called by ZK2V during one of my CQ runs. Almost didn't believe it as at first I thought it was too early for propagation from the south Pacific but I was happily mistaken. Getting called by 9J2BO from Zambia was a pleasant surprise as well. Around 1925Z Sunday I heard a weak station that at first I though was a TI6 and thus swung the beam SE, but in so doing he disappeared. Swinging the beam back around again though I got the call right as it swung to the northeast. It was EI6JK. Typically 1900Z+ is way too late even for western Europe, but we made the QSO. It was great picking up 6 new multipliers in the last 90 minutes of the contest. N0UU provided Kansas with K4PZC yielding up the surprising hard to find (from here at any rate) state of Virgina in the 30 minutes leading up to 2300Z Sunday. In an S&P break shortly after 2300Z I was lucky enough to stumble across VE8GER for the NWT mult. With 20 minutes left to go I was scanning the band and heard NX0X work a running station and give his state as Minnesota, another one I lacked. I called him "The Minnesota station, WORK ME!" and we QSY'ed up a couple and was able to check off another one. Bagged 9M6YBG 11 minutes prior to the closing bell after having heard him the evening before but at that time had been unable to break the pileup. With about 8 minutes to go I went back to one final frantic CQ run picking a number of JAs and at 2358 WY7SS called in to add Wyoming as the final mult worked. A great sprint to the finish line it was! 73, Victor -WB0TEV