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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2012   Mar 24   Claimed Score

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Call: OZ3BJ
Operator(s): OZ3BJ
Station: OZ3BJ

Class: SOSB10 HP
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:198Prefixes174Total Score96,048


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2012-03-26 08:59:02
Worked 59 DXCC entries. 6 Continents. Prefixes worked: 3G1 4J5 4K4 4X0 4X6 4Z4 4Z5 5D5 6V7 7Z1 8P5 8P6 9A2 9K2 9M2 9W2 A61 A71 A73 A92 AD4 AY5 AY8 B1 B7 BA7 BD3 BP0 BY8 C4 CA3 CE1 CE2 CE3 CN2 CQ3 CQ8 CQ9 CR2 CR3 CT3 CW5 D2 D4 DR1 E21 EA7 EA8 EB8 ED7 ED9 EE8 EK3 ES2 ES9 EX2 EY0 H2 H22 HA5 HI3 HS0 HZ1 JT5 JY4 L73 LP1 LR2 LR3 LS1 LT1 LT5 LU2 LU3 LU4 LU5 LU6 LU7 LU8 LV5 LV6 LW8 LX7 P3 P33 P40 P41 PJ2 PJ4 PP1 PP5 PQ5 PR3 PR5 PT2 PT5 PU1 PU2 PU5 PV7 PW2 PW7 PX5 PX7 PY2 PY3 PY4 PY5 PZ5 R8 RA4 RA8 RA9 RC6 RC9 RF8 RF9 RG8 RK9 RL6 RL9 RM9 RN3 RN7 RT4 RT9 RV9 RW0 RW9 RX0 RX9 RY7 RZ9 SV9 TO5 TO7 TR8 UA0 UA6 UA9 UB0 UN1 UN5 UN7 UN8 UP0 UP2 UP4 UP9 V55 VK4 VK6 VU2 VU3 W4 WF3 WN1 XE3 XQ7 XR3 XR6 XV1 XW3 YB1 YB4 YM3 YM7 Z21 ZP5 ZS6 ZV2 ZW8 ZY5 ZZ2 Working Conditions: 10m Moxon placed about 10m up. Besides a condo complex.