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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2012   Nov 24   Claimed Score

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Call: WA8HSB
Operator(s): WA8HSB
Station: WA8HSB

QTH: EM50vp - Mobile, AL
Operating Time (hrs): 21
Location: USA

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Total:18654111Total Score79,695


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2012-11-29 10:17:41
Had a great time! Finished completely modifying my attic antenna farm Friday evening so I was excited to see how well they performed. (Thanks to AC0C for his encouraging article in NCJ May/June 2012) Due to family obligations, I have not been able to operate this contest for several years but this year was different. I was able to spend more time in the seat and that makes the real difference. Mediocre antennas and QRP make for a difficult time but I was extremely please with 40 meters Saturday night. The inverted vee at the peak of the attic worked very well into EU. 20 meters is a tough band for QRP so I concentrated on 15 & 10. Missed EU Saturday morning due to propagation and missed JA and VK/ZL all together. All Q's were S&P and I was surprised at the weaker stations that came right back to me with only one call. Finding those gems between the pile-ups is always fun. Used my TS-850S turned down to 5 watts (as always) to a 40 meter inverted vee, triband 2 element wire beam pointed to NE, elevated vertical for 15/10, and triband dipole for SE/NW. As with the other operators who choose to (or must) operate QRP, I can not express my appreciation enough to all the very talented operators out there with great ears and persistence who pulled me out of the QRM, QSB, and noise. You are awesome! Thank you for your patience and diligence. 73/72, John WA8HSB