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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2018   Mar 3   Claimed Score

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Call: OT6M
Operator(s): ON9CC PC5A
Station: OT6M

Class: M/S HP
QTH: JO20ws
Operating Time (hrs): 33:44
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:1273164Total Score626,316


Club: Bavarian Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-03-05 22:59:42
Since about half of the regular SSB crew was absent due to sickness (flu), Aurelio and I were the only operators this years ARRL SSB. Our short term shift plan worked fairly good and we were able to sleep well. The conditions ... well, 10m didn't open at all, so no 6-banders in the log. 15 was bad on saturday (about 2 handfull of QSO's in the log only) and somewhat better on sunday to result in 17 multi's. 20m ran OK and the best rates were on 20 on Saturday afternoon (420-186-119). 40m was the second best band and we are pleased with out 2 elements beam. We'd hoped that 80 and 160 had given more QSO's, especially 160m was disappointing. Although we only had the dipole and K9AY we'd expect far more than only 16 QSO's. But then again, it is what it is :) It was good to talk to Jerry WB9Z back home in IL after the 3Y0Z debacle. The hardware worked OK, but just 2 software issues this weekend: 1. Although used the weekend before, suddenly the audio recording for the voice-keyer on the OT6M-2 PC didn't work anymore. It costs us over an hour to fix. It's that damned Windows 8 that again hustled the audio settings without obvious reason (no connectors were pulled). Even comparison with the other PC (OT6M-1, running Windows 7) didn't solve it. In the end we played around with the MicroKeyerII settings in Router and we got it working again. Strange as the settings are really different as before and different from the other PC although the hardware is equal and connected the same way... ? ... still puzzled about this one. Anyway: added one point to the to-do list: install Windows 7 on OT6M-2. 2. Sunday afternoon, suddenly the audio of the Orion 2 was so much garbled, that you even couldn't understand big signal stations anymore. After a reboot the thing worked normally again ... have seen this on the old Orion 1 we had, but hadn't seen this on the O2. Oh, and the funniest thing I heard was a Ukranian station quickly busting the biggest pile-up I heard during this contest: VY0ERC ... and giving his report 59-100 (five-nine-one-hundred) :) ... uhuh ... Station: IC7800 and Orion (interlocked), Acom 2000 @ 1500W Antennas: TRX: full-size dipoles for 160m. 18m Spiderpole vertical and dipole for 80m, OB2-40, OB11-3, 3 el.SteppIR. RX: K9AY Audio files for (most) QSO's are available. Drop me a note if you want me to sent me the recording of our QSO. Thanks for all who worked us! C U in the Russian DX! 73 Frank ON9CC / OT6M