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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   0300Z Oct 12   Claimed Score

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Call: K9MA
Operator(s): K9MA
Station: K9MA

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 1
Location: USA

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Total:106Mults89Total Score9,434


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-11 21:07:15
Just about the worst conditions I've experienced in a CWT. Kp=5, SSN=0. Somehow, IT9MUO got through on 40, but Alf was really, really weak. I stayed on 40 way too long, expecting that absorption would be very high on 80, only to find 80 full of relatively strong signals. (I have instant band-switching capability; I just have to learn to use it better!) Thanks to all who turned up in spite of such dismal propagation! 73, Scott K9MA K3, AL-82, SB-220 TH7 at 21 M A3 at 15 M, fixed SE 40 M rotatable dipole at 23 M Shunt fed tower on 80 and 160 RX Loops for 80 and 160 (18 by 36 meter city lot)