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RAC Canada Day Contest   2017   Jul 1   Claimed Score

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Call: AB1J
Operator(s): AB1J
Station: AB1J

Class: M/S LP
QTH: Waltham MA
Operating Time (hrs): 3:30
Location: USA

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BandCW QsPh QsCW MultsPh Mults
Total:1140110Total Score7,128


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-03 05:51:17
Another mighty Multi-Single operation from Waltham, MA, the Steam Punk City. My main effort was in the DL-DX RTTY but it is 11 hours out of sync with the RAC and conditions were horrible for DX, so I spent some time in the RAC to help celebrate our northern neighbor's birthday. The land of Sgt. Preston and and his faithful Husky, Yukon King, the "wonder dog." Also my younger daughter was born on this day, so I celebrated that too in both contests. Happy birthday, kiddo. The most interesting thing was my first QSO, with VC3C2C. Had to study that one a bit to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. The CW skimmers couldn't decode it either. The best they could do was 3C2C. The call celebrates Canada's 150th birthday, stretching "from sea to sea." Thanks for the QSOs. Happy Birthday, Canada! "Let's go home, King. This case is closed." Sgt. Preston 73, Ken, AB1J Saturday 1300z solar data: SFI = 71 K = 3 eSSN = 16 Flex 6500 (remember them) N1MM+ Cu wire floating about LoTW eQSL ClubLog