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CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB   2018   Feb 23   Claimed Score

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Call: W1XX
Operator(s): W1XX
Station: W1XX

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 22
Location: USA

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Total:QSOs807State/Prov58Countries44Total Score257,754


Club: CT RI Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-25 20:14:55
This was one tough mother of a slog. The 2nd night was in the "watching paint dry" category. First night to EU was decent -- but not great -- just enough to keep the interest up ... mostly in the upper gallery marked Section 1900. Second night just the usual big gun EU signals -- not the 100-watter and QRPer prerequisite for a good score. West Coast 6s and 7s were good the 1st night after 2 AM but sparse the 2nd. I can usually work KH6 any day of the week on CW, but like last year no contest KH6 on phone. Got all the states and the usual VEs, with VA5DX picking out my plaintive "in Rhode Island" in the pileup. No VO1 or VO2 or the usual VEs north of Hudson's Bay. ZL2OK (Dave)created a stir on 1850 at SR Sunday with N2RK and I calling but just too weak and probably too late here to make the Q...nice though that N2CW made it. Best takeaway is the many "Thanks for the new mult." 73. -- John, W1XX TX: FT-1000MP + Drake L7 TX ant: T-vertical (72.5 ft vertical) RX ant: 4 bevs (220 - 550 ft)