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Illinois QSO Party   2017   Oct 22   Claimed Score

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Call: AD4EB
Operator(s): AD4EB
Station: AD4EB

Class: Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW-Dig QsPh Qs
Total:9960Mults87Total Score173,304


Club: Tennessee Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-25 14:46:47
This was our third time entering the ILQP, and again we operated CW mobile. Melody is an artist, and we needed to make a trip up to my parents retirement villiage in Urbana IL to pick up paintings she had on display there. Fortunately for me, the ILQP occurred at the perfect time, and she was willing to drive me thru 22 counties on the way up to Champaign county, as I operated CW in the back of our Montana van. Compared to last ILQP, the number of QSOs were down by 14 percent (1152 in 2015 vs 996 this year). However, the number of mulitpliers was up by 5. There were some slow periods early in the contest that hurt the final score. Twenty meters fizzled about 4:30, so I replaced that antenna with the 80m hustler at 5:00 pm local. We had rain showers during the second half the contest, and winds were quite high at times. This made for challenging driving and navigating. It sure was dark in the rain in the central Illinois farm country. Most worked stations were: W9AIU(64) - Thanks for taking the time to find us so may times, nice getting 4 counties at a time. K1RO(30) - Was always one of the first to get us as we entered a new county or changed bands. OM2VL(23) - Wow Laci, you had a tremendous signal and excellent skill in getting thru the pileups. K9PG(20) K5KPE(19) K9CT(19) N4VV(18) KI0I(17) N9CK(16) WN4AFP(15) Melody and I both really enjoyed this contest. Thanks to those that took the time to work me, and especially to Jim, N9JF, who really makes the ILQP a great contest to be in. And of course, thanks Melody for supporting me in this crazy mobile contesting hobby. 73 - Jim (AD4EB) and Melody (KI4HVY)