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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW   2017   Nov 4   Claimed Score

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Call: WI9WI
Operator(s): WI9WI
Station: WI9WI

Class: Single Op QRP
QTH: Winter, WI
Operating Time (hrs): 15

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Total:409Sections75Total Score61,350


Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn

Comments:     [email]     2017-11-06 08:52:00
After attending the Wisconsin/North Dakota hockey game in Madison Friday night I made the 260 mile drive to the cabin Saturday morning. The inside temp was 37 when I opened it up. After 2 hours I had the radio set up and the cabin up to 70 degrees. The contest started about at par for QRP up here with over 100 QSOs the first 3 hours. Fifteen was alive at the start, and 20 was full of signals. Then after several hours with rates in the high teens I took a break. Coming back I had much the same rates, and rapidly started losing enthusiasm. I quit earlier than usual with only a bit over 200 SOs in the log and slept almost 8 hours. I got back on mid morning Sunday and had decent rates for several hours, first on 40 and then 20. I had an almost 90 minute run on 20 with rates over 80 at times. This was the only real run of the contest. All my other attempts at running either produced short runs that dried up quickly, or often only 1 or 2 QSOs before I moved on. About 25% of my QSOs were running and 75% S&P. Usually when QRP I make 30-35% of my QSOs in running. The only mult unheard was VI. The other ones I missed either CQed in my face (no surprise) or were S&P. I'm always surprised at how many high scoring stations I never hear during SS. I spent about 12 of the 15 hours S&P and never heard many stations with QSO totals of 800, 900 and over 1000. And they're in QTHs with good propagation to here. Others I hear everywhere. I heard N9RV 4367 times, and N2IC over 3000 times, or so it seems. I have no good explanation for this. For many years I have done the full 24 hours in this one at all power levels. I think as many of the CK numbers recede into long bygone centuries, the ops are there, but no longer put in a full effort. I note that many old stalwarts of past years only put in a few hours. This leads to less crowded bands (I never had trouble finding a place to CQ) and lower QSO totals for everyone. When things got real slow I just got up and took a break. After working only 8 QSOs in 45 minutes on 40 with over 2 hours to go I just had had enough and quit. About 90% of the stations I came across while S&Ping had been worked before. Gear: K-3 5 watts 80: vertical, and dipole @ 50 ft 40: 2 phased switchable verticals, and dipole at 50 ft 20,15, (10): C-19 at 55 ft 3 short beverages WriteLog I'll be back next year, probably HP. 73 Jim