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Texas QSO Party   2017   Sep 23   Claimed Score

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Call: NO5W
Operator(s): NO5W
Station: W5GAD

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 6
Location: Out of State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:6980Mults58Total Score14,934


Club: LA Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-26 09:13:14
K3/100, Windom @ 55ft, 3el Steppir @ 55ft, CQ/X Total score includes 2000 total bonus points, 500 bonus points for working K5GQ/m in at least 5 counties, 500 points for working N5NA/m in at least 5 counties and 1000 points for working W5CT/m in at least 10 counties. It wasn't the way K5OT and I had planned to do the TQP but Murphy struck the Pathfinder about two days before I was set to drive to Texas to meet up with Larry and the shop which was about 50 miles from home could not get the vehicle back on the road in time for the trip. So I got to listen to the action from New Orleans, primarily on Sunday as I was tied up on Saturday getting the Pathfinder back to New Orleans. 40m was the money band since the only stations I could hear well on 20m were N5NA who was far enough away in WTX and W3DYA who was up in the panhandle. W5CT(12), K5GQ(9), N5NA(7), W3DYA(4), K5OT(3), and KI5AH(1) were all solid copy with excellent mobile signals. I put the aprs map to good use as it allowed me to see when the mobiles were about to transition into the next county. Thanks to all who participated in the TQP, especially the mobiles. Finally it was good to work K5SBR in Calhoun county as that area was one of the counties that was paid a visit by Harvey. Hope to be back on the road in the 2018 TQP and that hurricane season 2018 will be less active. 73/Chuck/NO5W