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CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest   2016   Feb 13   Claimed Score

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Call: W6QU
Operator(s): W8QZA
Station: W8QZA

QTH: San Diego, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 29.9
Location: USA

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Total:428Prefixes282Total Score275,232


Club: Southern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2016-02-14 22:28:06
STATION: Radio: Elecraft K-2, 5 Watts. Antennas: 10-15-20 Meters: 3 el Stepp-IR up 32 feet 40 Meters: DX-LB trap dipole up 30 feet 40-80 Meters: Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials ------------------------------------------------------- Conditions seemed to be pretty bad the last few months and I considered that I might have very few Qs into Europe from my QRP station out here on the west coast in San Diego. But I was pleasantly surprised with excellent conditions on 15 Meters where I was able to cruise the band for about 1 1/2 hours on both Saturday and Sunday and work almost every European station I called. However, I never even heard Europe on 10 Meters. I didn't have any great QSOs, but did have a number of decent ones. 10 Meters. My best Qs were to the west working 9M6XRO and HL3AMO, both tough for me to get in contests. I was only able to work 2 JAs which was very surprising. V55V was my only African station. 15 Meters. I got into zone 18, and also worked 2 TFs which is very tough for me. I got A31MM, 5W, VR, and HL and to the east I got V55V. 80 of my 81 Qs into Europe were on 15 Meters! 20 Meters. I got a zone 18 here, 5W, and V55V. 40 and 80 Meters. I had a lot more Qs than usual on these bands. Most Qs on both bands were in the USA-Canada, of course, but they often came back in one call. DXCC was 59 and WAZ was 26, exactly the same as last year. But I had 20 less Qs (5%) and my score was 50,000 points lower(15%). This large drop was because I did not get into Europe nearly as well this year: 135 European Qs in 2015 and only 81 this year. I love RTTY contests. You can instantly see if you need a call instead of having to type it in. And the rig makes no noise! I even made a couple Qs while chatting briefly on the phone. I also appreciate the 30 hour operating time limit now that I am 76 yrs old! Well now I need to get my energy back so I can put in a decent effort in next weekend's ARRL DX CW contest. See you then! ...Bill Parker W8QZA - W6QU