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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2015   Mar 28   Claimed Score

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Call: E7DX
Operator(s): 9A1TT 9A5CW 9A5K 9A6XX E7ØR E7ØT E76C E77CW E77E E77W S53GO S55M
Station: E77DX

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Prijedor, BiH
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Eastern Europe

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Total:5785Prefixes1595Total Score23,846,845


Club: Bosnia and Herzegovina Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2015-03-30 02:37:25
Another never-to-be-forgotten weekend in Prijedor! With Braco living the high-life at D4C, we were left to play from his great station. Multi-Single is where it's at :-). Somewhat less demanding than CQWW (with no 10minute rule and simplified propagation strategy) this contest is made to have fun. With this in mind, we invited the guys from 9A1P to join us. With 12 operators on the roster and 4 radios to play with, there was plenty of time for all associated activities ;-). The playing field has been the same for the last few years now. EI7M and TM6M set the reference point and the rest of us, to the right, follow suit. With TM6M still hiding from we were content to find ourselves neck and neck on day one with the Irish. Day two, however, was a different story. 10meters was too high for the NA MUF for us and that saw the boys from Cork escape from our grasp :-(. It meant for a more relaxed Sunday. The sun came out along with the cold beer. Murphy was relatively quiet: Run radio 1 had modulation issues : fixed at 3am on day 1. One of the 10m tic-rings was misbehaving: fixed by Adi Saturday morning. Braco's PTT box gave up on us : again Adi stepped in and had us back on the air in minutes. With so many operators to hand, it allowed KreŇ°o to introduce some new features on the version of DXLog we were using. M/S in WPX is all about interlocking today and DXLog is the bee's knees in that department. With 4 radios all HW and SW interlocked we exploited 2 new features in DXLog. One was the Smart Software Interlock. Why "smart"? ...because you can allow other radios to over-ride your PTT if their transmission is deemed "higher priority". So if radio one is CQ, but radio 2 has a MULT...then bang: radio 2 can override radio one's PTT. Another SMART feature is the ability to send real-time status messages when PTT is activated at any of the interlocked radios. This means that radios 2, 3 and 4 can see that radio 1 is not only in TX but whether he's in CQ, QSO or even S/N :-) etc. As you can imagine, this saves a lot of time and reduces the inevitable screaming matches over who has priority (BTW, Hrle and Adi won the prize in that department this weekend :-)). While I'm plugging DXLog it's also worth mentioning the number server feature which allows you to reserve a S/N before you send it and log the QSO. Thanks go to: Braco, for the keys Rade, Vlado and Ranko for the never-ending prep work Rade for the roast pig and our guests from 9A1P. This was the first time we received a YL guest (Adi's wife: S53GO). I hope we made the right impression and that Adi and Sonja will return soon. That's it. Thanks to all for the QSOs. Great competition from the Irish and IR4M. A shame the French can't make it to the party on cqcontest, but no doubt they'll turn that corner too in the not so distant future. 73 on behalf of all at E7DX this weekend: Richard, 9a1tt