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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2018   0300Z Jan 11   Claimed Score

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Call: N5PHT
Operator(s): N5PHT
Station: N5PHT

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: USA

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Total:36Mults35Total Score1,260


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-11 04:09:53
Wow - dismal. Still fun. 80 was almost a nil - 40 very noisy. Sorry for those calling that I just could not pull out! This evening, before the CWT, I pulled out a spare rig and listened and no different!! So not my TS590S. The antenna? Probably just horrible conditions and the QRN in this park is very bad. My antenna is the third I have tried here and same results - except this G3TKN beats the G5RV Jr and the ham stick dipoles. No room here for the full size G5RV. Hope to see you next week from another Park.