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California QSO Party   2017   Oct 7   Claimed Score

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Call: NC6K
Operator(s): NC6K
Station: NC6K

Class: SO(A)Fixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 19
Location: In State/Province
Radios: SO2R  

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:914427Mults58Total Score208,568


Club: Southern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-08 20:56:31
I got more BIC time than usual , but not able to operate for the full 24 hours due to the usual family commitments. I beat my best score (last year) by a significant amount, and only missed NT for the section sweep. I never did hear or see any stations, but I think some stations worked NT. Conditions were excellent on all the bands for the most part, with the usual QRM/QRN on 80 and 40 at times. 15 M was open for much of the daytime, and 10 M even had some decent openings to the SE USA on Sunday. My SteppIR DB36 actually worked as designed on all bands, so that made 40 M much better than if I had to use the dipole again. This was my first contest using the FlexRadio Maestro, and it was a big improvement over the software control. I was quite surprised at the number of DX stations calling - it was great to hear how the contest has expanded. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually becomes a worldwide contest with CA focus. I was also amazed at the number of out-of-state stations calling CQ CA. I usually hear a few at other state QSO parties, but this was a significant number on all bands and both modes. Great contest as always, and thanks to everyone that participated. I had a blast!