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ARRL January VHF Contest   2018   Jan 20   Claimed Score

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Call: W3IP
Operator(s): W3IP
Station: W3IP

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 22
Remote operation

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Total:377118Total Score66,670


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-22 16:09:56
This was not the contest I thought it would be. With multiple new modes in widespread use (FT8 and MSK144), I found that I needed to be more strategic in my use of time on a particular band/direction/time of day and mode (similar to an HF contest) - not sure I got it all right! There was a surprising amount of FT8 activity on 6 meters, as well as MSK144 activity on both 6 and 2 meters. Some statistics for the digital modes: 6 meter FT8 - 75 contacts/few unique grids 6 meter MSK144 - 15 contacts/mostly unique grids 2 meter MSK144 contacts - 3 contacts/all unique grids This came at a cost of QSOs primarily on 6 and 2 meter SSB and a lack of sleep on Saturday night/Sunday morning for the 2 meter MSK144 contacts. My biggest complaint is the large number of people that did not understand the contest protocol on FT8 which resulted in a much longer average time per QSO as the operator sorts out whether or not a station did not understand the second transmission (i.e. the contest protocol) or they did not hear the second transmission at all due to changing propagation or QRM. Both conditions resulted in a repeat of the other station's initial transmission so a real time decision was needed whether or not to uncheck the contest box for the next transmission approximately 20 seconds later. This was the first time I tried to integrate all of the software packages I was running (N1MM, WSJT-X, LP Bridge, JTAlert, SDRConsole) over the remote link. Keeping all the Com ports alive on two computers separated by miles so the software doesn't crash during off times is an unmet challenge. Propagation as a whole seemed about average for a January contest. I had only one easily identifiable e-skip contact on 6 meters (to VO1). Many thanks to the rovers that got out to activate those many grid squares, your efforts are appreciated! 73, Mike, W3IP