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ARRL 10-Meter Contest   2011   Dec 10   Claimed Score

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Call: GM5X
Operator(s): GM4YXI
Station: GM5X

Class: SO SSB HP
QTH: Ellon
Operating Time (hrs): 18
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:2349162Total Score761,076


Club: North of Scotland contest group

Comments:     [email]     2011-12-12 02:25:12
Having spent CQWWCW on 10m I thought SSB only in this one. I spent a bit of time the previous weekend in the snow taking down my C3E and replacing it with an old 4el monobander which had been sitting in a corner of the field for about 10 years gathering green slime and corrosion - needed a lot of TLC! All was up and ready by last Sunday evening, all had to be taken down and tilted over on Wednesday evening, in readiness for the forecast storm. At least on this occasion I was able to be around to do this job, in sub-zero temperatures, solid ice on everything and a bright spotlamp! Storm duly arrived. Horrible. The 10m antennas were fine, but my 80m vertical and 40m 4-square are completely destroyed. I seem to spend more time repairing damaged antennas than operating these days....... The survival of the antennas for the contest was tempered by the loss of mains power at 2200 on Thursday. Power was restored at 1530 Friday (phew!) ........but went off again at 1900 Friday evening (####!) Power was not restored until after 1100 on Saturday morning, while I was out getting more fuel for the generator to keep our water and heating operating. First QSO 1140. Patchy EU and a few HS but I was really annoyed about the big loss of prime time to the East. There was good support from NA in the afternoon although the band did not 'peak' with me until the 1600 hour with 230 QSOs. Like others, I also noticed the multipath echoes on my signal and some others close in either side of 1200. The NA opening was also patchy - at the beginning I could only work NC and FL but it did extend, although the West coast was all but absent. I managed maybe 4 in CA and single QSOs to WY and OR. No VE west of Winnipeg. Band took a dive about 1730, scratched a few S&P - 1144 QSOs I was on the band early, determined to make up for lost time but it did not really feel very good - but I had nothing to compare. I managed about 30 in the 0700 hour with some mults and kept searching until 0818 when I finally gave in and called CQ - 9M6YBG was the reward! A few VKs and some African stations mixed with mostly EU. Heard DLs working JA but not a whisper here. I thought after about 1000 the band got worse - there was no rate and QSB was deep. I was surprised how few Russian stations were on, given the numbers out in CQWWCW - maybe they were down the bottom of the band. Only one VU - I worked many the fortnight before. I did not pick up as much on Sunday morning as I had hoped. Strong echoes again around mid-day and around 1300 beaming SW (5el at 60ft) my one and only JA - JA6WIF - was strong on LP. This path also produced BX5AA, VR2, a BH7 and several YBs. The opening to NA was poorer than Saturday - I worked very few Midwestern stations, a couple of W6s, one guy in WA and VE6UK. The band took a dive even earlier and I was searching about from 1700 for about an hour - this produced a few mults but a lot of Central and South American stations had big NA pile ups which I could not crack. 5el monobander 60ft, 4el monobander at 40ft ICOM plus AL1500, Wintest 4.8.0 Keith GM4YXI / GM5X