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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2013   Nov 23   Claimed Score

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Call: K9CT
Operator(s): K3WA K9CC K9CT K9ZO KB9OWD N9CK
Station: K9CT

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: USA

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Total:6070197731Total Score16,020,992


Club: Society of Midwest Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2013-11-25 13:59:20
Lots of fun for our team...and a great team too. The conditions were quite interesting...always a band, two or three open for running. We could sense some effects of ionospheric disturbances, but for the most part it was great. We had a visit or two from Murphy and he is not welcome. The temps dropped from the beginning of the contest and when the temp hit freezing so did our rotators on the multiplier antennas! It was dark and no way to investigate safely. I later found a fused relay in the control box. The clue was the freezing temperatures....found out there is a way for water to seep into the gear box. These have been up for two years and never a problem but this weekend we found out! Murphy later appeared as a high intermittent SWR on the 40m stack at 4 am...thank goodness not a high rate period. A bit of troubleshooting found some liquid (?) in one of the inside connectors. Probably could have made a few more contacts if some of this had not happened but still did better than ok. Our goal was to break our station and W9 record from last year. We did that in the last 12 hours of the contest and were quite happy to achieve our goal. We have already studied some missing zones and DXCC and know we could do better next time. Just got to move more stations!! It was again a great deal of fun to post our score live on Please consider doing that next year with your team. Nothing like horse racing to keep everyone focused. Congratulations to everyone in the contest...without you this would not have been this much fun. This was the most QSOs that we have made in a single weekend at K9CT. The team brings food to share and between that and the terrific off line conversations, we have a lot of fun. We always treat the team to pizza and beer at the local pizza joint after the contest. Everyone is tired but the conversation is lively as we relive the contest. Thanks to the entire team...including first timers George, K9CC and Steve, N9CK. They did a great job and are always welcome back. 73, Craig K9CT