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ARRL RTTY Roundup   2018   Jan 6   Claimed Score

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Call: W4AAA
Operator(s): KK9A
Station: W4AAA

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: North Carolina
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Location: USA
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:1750State/Prov59Countries66Total Score218,750


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-09 05:00:48
This contest is really a lot of fun! This appears to predominantly be a North American contest but the format of working anyone anywhere really keeps it flowing. Even with the low solar flux index there was always someone to work. I was not completely set up until minutes before the contest. So, I had no pre-contest warm up and check to see if everything was working yet I still managed to work 130 QSO in first hour running on 15m and 20m. Of course the rates dropped after the initial serge however I had nine other hours where I made 80 or more QSOs. I kept two transceivers quite busy for most of the weekend. On Saturday morning I had a very solid opening on 20m into Europe which lasted over four hours. This was one of the few times that I used only one transceiver, although I did use its two receivers (SO2V). I tried to make every EU contact and country multiplier that I could before the band closed. This worked quite well. Europe represented 34% of my total 20m contacts. 40m at times also had pretty good openings into Europe but on 15m I heard nothing from there. This weekend we had the coldest days that I have ever seen in North Carolina but fortunately the rotators and antennas worked perfectly. The station only issue occurred on Sunday, the power went out very briefly about six different times over a six hour period. This became quite annoying, especially since the Elecraft K3S’s do not like being shut down this way and they lose their recent settings. It sometimes occurred while transmitting which cannot be good for the radios or multiple antenna relays. I kept thinking that the power would remain off and I envisioned using my final time off dropping an extension cord out the window and starting up my small Honda generator but luckily that never occurred. My generator should be able to power the radio equipment OK however the house and shack would have gotten cold very quickly. Thank you for the QSOs. Please QSL via WD9DZV. 73, John KK9A