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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY   2017   Sep 23   Claimed Score

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Call: ZB2TT
Operator(s): ZB2TT
Station: ZB2TT

Class: SO(A)AB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 37.3
Location: Southern Europe

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Total:170510520572Total Score1,478,722


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-25 15:44:25
Rig: IC-7300 100w (SO1R) Antenna 20m-10m: Hex Beam @9m / 29ft Antenna 40m-80m: Folded 30m Dipole (ATU needed) Software: N1MM (using MMTTY & GRITTY) Contesting from ZB brings a lot of challenges, little space and high population density do not help for antenna space or QRM. CQWW RTTY SOAB excluding 160m helps in this respect, I wish more contests had a 20m-10m category for those who don't have acres of space and do not like single band entries. Massively restricted antennas on 80m and 40m did not help my score, congratulations to all of the 8 stations that managed to decode me on 80m my ERP was probably less than a watt (NR4M your have some RX!) 10m brought short openings to EU and Central America, with South America very loud for most of the contest. 15m was fantastic with massive signals from EU and US bringing fantastic rates both days. 20m offered nice long path openings to JA during the morning and runs into the US until late evening. 40m was brilliant Sunday morning, loud west coast US and some very loud ZLs too. Being low power with poor antennas also affected my mult score, for example Sunday morning I could hear many Asian stations (most double mults) on 15m but I was unable to break the pile ups. I also had rotator issues throughout most of Sunday did not enable me to turn the beam, which was stuck to the south. Both RTTY and CW are fantastic contest modes since the advent of skimmers and the RBN, it brings a lot of technology into the contesting skill set. Personally it was what has brought be back into the hobby after an absence of almost 10 years. Significantly less Caribbean operations on this contest, I hope all the ops over there are able to get back on the air soon. Overall a fantastic contest and hope to see you all in CQWW CW! 73 DE ZB2TT / M0TTT