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Kansas QSO Party   2017   Aug 26   Claimed Score

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Call: K5YAA/M
Operator(s): K5YAA
Station: K5YAA/M

Class: Mobile SO CW HP
QTH: 12 Counties
Operating Time (hrs): 5.5
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:46310Mults47Total Score43,569


Club: Oklahoma DX Association

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-03 22:58:32
Due to some lingering health issues I decided to forego a run in the 2017 Kansas QSO Party and had let Bob, W0BH know so he could find another operator to use W0L, the 1x1 I have used for several years now. All was taken care of but on Saturday of the party I drove to Joplin to return a tool (KI0I's Big Wheel Radial Implant Machine) via Slim, one of Mark's friends while he was at the hamfest. Getting on the road for the hour to and then hour back from Joplin encouraged me to plan a Sunday run in the KSQP. Returning home I sat and planned an easy 12 county route for the 6 hours of the party on Sunday. The weather was to be near pefect for late August so I decided a "road" trip would be good for the spirit and adding a few Qs to the fray would be a plus. The attitude for the day was to not rush and just to enjoy mangling the Morse with my Bengali Sculpture. Six hours of transcribing the action would be a piece oof cake next to a full 18 hours although I have found "reliving" contests to not only be fun but also to discover who had called that didn't get an answer from me in the heat of the battle. Years back SP5SA plainly called, as heard on the recording when I was in Osage county but with not enough gusto to be heard above the road noise. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. It had been sometime since the mobile has seen much action so knocking off rust from both the fist and the mobile turned out to be quite enjoyable. Arriving at the tri-county line of MGY/LAB/NEO about half an hour late I fired up on 20 meters. I took the half hour late arrival in stride because that was to be the watchword for the day - no worries no rushing allowed. Almost 200 Qs, Approaching half of my entire total, after that start I moved along from that tri-county line to see how many of the 9 other counties I could actually make before the 3PM end of the party. The schedule and county "load" was perfect because I entered Cherokee county, the last on my list with 30 minutes left. The day was again near perfect for late August. Light rain fell up North in Osage county but let up as I entered Franklin county, one that N6MU needed for his quest to make a sweep of the 105 Kansas counties again this year. Many recognizable party goers called all day along with a multitude of County Hunters. Before noon several DX stations made the log. My thanks to all for a pleasant day on the road and on the airwaves. An observation. As I drove the Kansas roads one thing stood out this year. The soybean fields had plants that were greener, taller and more robust than I had ever seen them. Surely a bumper crop this year caused by a cooler, wetter summer than the Midwest has had in years. We never hit 100 degrees in Claremore, Oklahoma this year and the term Green Country, which is what Northeast Oklahoma is called is certainly very suitable this year. Even the native pecan trees have only a few web worms on them. Squirrels around here will have a bumper crop of nuts for the winter. I want to thank Bob, W0BH for his untiring efforts to make state QSO parties, of course Kansas in particular, some of the most enjoyable contests during the year. Was a grand day on the radio for this OT. 73, Jerry K5YAA